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His address:
Dept. of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Toyama University, Toyama 930--8555, Japan.
Telephone and Fax.
tel:+81-764-45-6572 (Dept. Math.), fax:+81-764-45-6573.

Research interests.

My research interests are, roughly, study of number fields and of function fields of one variable over finite constant fields. Specifically, once we fix one such field F and rational prime l, we consider some families of quadratic extensions over F, for example, the set of quadratic extensions over F whose (relative) class numbers are not divisible by l.

The case that F is a totally real, l = 3 and the set of totally imaginary quadratic extensions over F is treated in Horie-Kimura 1999. This consideration also applied to the function field case, Kimura 1998.

I studied similar problems for imaginary quadratic fields and general l, related to recent progress made by Kohnen-Ono, Byeon and others (Kimura 2003).

I am now interested in similar problems, replacing class numbers of quadratic fields by orders of certain cohomology groups (algebraic K-groups) associated to rings of quadratic fields (Kimura MJTU 2003, Demonstratio Math., to appear).

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