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The Department of Physics at the University of Toyama has two courses: the Condensed Matter Physics Course and Quantum Physics Course. The Department of Physics offers a solid curriculum in Physics to its students. The undergraduate program in Physics helps provide students with a good grasp of the fundamentals and general methods of Physics. Classes are offered in the form of lectures, laboratories and problem-solving sessions. Fourth-year undergraduate students are involved with research projects. The Graduate School of the Department of Physics at the University of Toyama offers advanced programs leading to master's and doctoral degrees in Physics.

The Department of Physics consists of fourteen faculty members. Staff members in the department have established research collaborations with scientists in world-class institutions. Research projects of the department include the following topics: solid state physics, crystal physics, x-ray diffraction and x-ray imaging, low-temperature magnetism, magnetism of the rare earth compounds, disordered system and cluster, theoretical particle physics, gauge field theories, laser spectroscopy, microwave spectroscopy, atomic and molecular spectroscopy.

Research groups/Teaching Staff

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Solid State Physics  (in Japanese)
Professor Tomohiko KUWAI  kuwai
Associate Professor Takashi TAYAMA tayama
Research Associate Yuji MATSUMOTO ymats

Theoretical Physics 
Professor Takeshi KURIMOTO krmt
Associate Professor Mitsuru KAKIZAKI kakizaki

Nanophysics (in Japanese)  
Professor Hiroyuki IKEMOTO ikemoto
Associate Professor Keisuke HATADA hatada

Microwave Physics and Molecular Spectroscopy  
Professor Kaori KOBAYASHI kaori
Associate Professor Katsunari ENOMOTO  enomoto

Laser Physics  (in Japanese)  
Professor Yoshiki MORIWAKI moriwaki
Associate Professor Kazuhiro YAMAMOTO