Following three research subjects are under investigation.

Microwave spectroscopy of intersteller molecules

These molecules are under investigation. All of the molecules have internal rotations and are candidates for astronomical detection.

  • dimethyl ether ; (CH3)2O
  • methyl alcohol ; CH318OH
  • methyl mercaptan ; CD3SH
  • methyl formate ; HCOOCH3
  • ethyl methyl ether ; CH3CH2OCH3

Control of translational motion of polar molecules using microwave

 We are developing techniques for focusing, decelerating, and trapping polar molecules using an intense microwave field. A time-varying standing wave of the microwave field is enhanced in a superconducting cavity, and it can control the translational motion of polar molecules flying through the cavity. Our method is advantageous for controlling molecules in high-field seeking states, and would be useful for precision measurements for high-energy physics using cold and slow (or trapped) molecular beams.

Near-infrared spectroscopy

We are also preparing laser systems for near-infrared spectroscopy.