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Admission Policy

The goal of our faculty is to nurture professionals with an education in basic science who will persistently search for the truth, and who will be able to contribute to societal progress in the future. Based on these principles, we are looking for the following types of students:

  • Students with the basic knowledge, and the abilities to understand and think logically, and to communicate their ideas, which are essential for the study of natural science
  • Students with strong curiosities about diverse natural phenomena and a wide-range studies in the natural science
  • Students with inquisitive and aggressive mind to solve new problems
  • Students who want to contribute to their local communities and the international society, through various fields of natural science

Department of Mathematics

  • Students who can set their own problems and goals, moreover challenge them
  • Students who are good at logical thinking based on deep liberal arts
  • Students who have excellent mathematical senses especially of numbers and figures
  • Students who can represent mathematical contents precisely
  • Students highly driven to mathematical research

Department of Physics

  • Students with basic high school academic skills who want to study physics

Department of Chemistry

  • Students with basic high school academic skills who are seeking the diverse, advanced knowledge and skills of chemistry
  • Students who have highly inquisitive spirit about a wide variety of fields, not narrow and specialized disciplines
  • Students willing to search for and solve cutting-edge research subjects

Department of Biology

  • Students with basic academic skills and the will to study about life and life phenomena
  • Students who will use their knowledge and skills in biology to be active in society, whether it be as a responsible citizen, an educator, a technical expert, or a researcher

Department of Environmental Biology and Chemistry

  • Students with a strong curiosity who are driven to learn about environmental sciences
  • Students with basic high school academic skills in science
  • Students who can clearly express their own thoughts and opinions, while understanding those of others
  • Students with perseverance and a can-do spirit who will not give up on tough subjects