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Related Facilities

Main Related Facilities

Hydrogen Isotope Research Center

Our goal is to research and develop nuclear fusion energy systems using hydrogen, a clean energy source. We are discovering the functions of three hydrogen isotopes (light hydrogen, deuterium, tritium) and conducting fundamental research to utilize these effectively.

Information Technology Center

We are equipped with high-speed computers, useful for data processing, simulations, communications, research, studies in information education, and many other applications to support your university activities. You can exchange e-mail globally.

Low Temperature Quantum Science Laboratory

We support education and research by providing liquid nitrogen and liquid helium.

Center for Far Eastern Studies

The Center combines humanistic, societal, and scientific research fields.We comprehensively research the economic activities of countries in the Pacific Rim and their effects on the environment.

Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

Water Quality Management Center

We render the wastewater from experiments harmless. We also provide consultations and educational activities regarding wastewater.

Radioisotope Laboratory

This building and its facilities were built safe experimentation on radioisotopes.

Tateyama Seminar House (Tateyama/Mt. Jodo)

Tateyama Seminar House is located in the 2839 meter Tateyama mountain range near the peak of Mt. Jodo. It is used for educational and research activities on the atmosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere.

Venture Business Laboratory

Institute Center, Venture Business Laboratory

Organization for Promotion of Regional Collaboration

Center for Nature Study and Training

Facility for outdoor education training (nature study, cultivation, etc.) and providing research materials for related fields in the university.

Guest House

The Guest House is available for short term visitors on Gofuku campus. Please contact your collaborators of our University to make a reservation.

School of Science Facilities

Glass Workshop

Here we design and manufacture glass instruments for education and research, as well as train students.


Temperature, lighting time, and other factors can be controlled here to raise plants for research.

Animal Domestication Facility

We raise animals for all types of experiments (Guinea pigs, rats, goldfish, mountain trout, sea urchin, sandworms, etc.)

Metal Workshop

We have lathes, mills, electric saws, and drill presses, and can work with brass, bronze, acrylic, and other materials.