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Message from the Dean

Welcome! To the School of Science, University of Toyama!!

This university was founded in 1949 with four faculties: Liberal Arts and Science, Education, Pharmacy and Engineering. The School of Science was separated from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science, and established independently in 1977. Following that, in 1978, the Graduate School of Science Master’s Course was established, and in 1998, the Master’s Course was abolished to establish the Graduate School of Science and Engineering Preliminary Doctoral Course, and Doctoral Course. All these changes gave rise to our today’s academic system, starting from the undergraduate to the graduate schools.

The School of Science consists of six departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences, and Environmental Biology and Chemistry.  After your enrollment to the school, you are to take liberal arts classes to cultivate wide range of knowledge and rich humanity. Then, in you senior year, you would encounter with the wonders of nature’s mechanism that stimulates your curiosity, and find your own theme. Then you will acquire ability to pursue it through writing thesis and being engaged in research.

Science is a branch of study to pursue the principles and laws that constitute nature’s mechanism. And it is a base study of engineering, medicine, pharmacy, science of agriculture and fisheries, social science and such applied studies. Therefore, those of you who are going to study science will be highly adaptable individuals who can successfully work in wide range of fields after your graduations and completions of your courses.

At this very moment, in the rich natural environment with its altitude of 4,000m difference from the top of the Tateyama mountain range to the bottom of the seabed of the Toyama Bay, the teachers and students of the School of Science are advancing researches together to reveal the nature’s various mechanisms, and disseminating the achievements of those researches from Toyama to the world.

We hope that you will encounter with many mysteries of nature’s mechanisms, and enjoy the process of clarifying them. And we hope that all of you will fledge as individuals who can contribute not only to the local communities, but also to the international community. For that very purpose, the faculty members will work hard together to support your campus lives.