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Campus Map

Campus Map(PDF 1.0MB)

1) Administrative Office
2) Student Support Services, Area Cooperation and Exchange Plaza
3) Center for Health Care and Human Sciences
4) Faculty of Economics, Center for Far Eastern Studies
5) Information Technology Center
6) Institute Center, Venture Business Laboratory
7) School of Science
8) Hydrogen Isotope Research Center
9) Water Quality Management Center
10) Radioisotope Laboratory
11) Low Temperature Quantum Science Laboratory
12) School of Humanities
13) University Library
14) Gymnasium No.2
15) Martial Arts Gymnasium(Photo:Japanese archery)
16) Cafeteria
17) Gymnasium No.1
18) Student Hall
19) School of Human Development
20) Center for Educatinal Research and Practice
21) General Education Bldg
22) Lifelong Learning Division, Organization for Promotion of Regional Collaboration
23) Kuroda Hall
24) Multiple-purpose Institution
25) Center for International Education and Research
26) Gymnasium No.3
27) Student Support Institution
28) School of Engineering
29) Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
30) General Education Bldg
31) Toyama City Business Incubation Center
32) Cafeteria No.2
33) Ground No.1
34) Ground No.2
35) Staff House (PDF 815KB)
36) Tennis Court

The School of Science Campus Was Renovated in 2008

It took four years to complete the renovations and expansion to the School of Science campus. The newly renovated campus features state-of-the-art facilities, and is designed to be an excellent and comfortable environment for student life.
We will continue to look for ways to make our learning and research environment more fulfilling.