Toyama Math. J.

Toyama Mathematical Journal

Continuation of
Mathematics Journal of Toyama University

Editorial Board (2018)

Yukitaka AbeProfessorSeveral Complex Variables and Analytic Spaces
Keiko FujitaProfessorFunctional Analysis
Applied Mathematics
Yasuhiro FujitaProfessorFunctional Equations
Functional Analysis
Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes
Hideo IkedaProfessorApplied Mathematics
Partial Differential Equations
Masato KikuchiProfessorProbability Theory and Stochastic Processes
Takashi KodaProfessorDifferential Geometry
Setsuo NagaiProfessorDifferential Geometry
Hiroyuki YamaneProfessorRepresentation theory

Managing Editor: Takashi Koda (e-mail: koda[at] ([at] should be replaced by @))
Secretary: Yoshiko Kitsunezuka

Manuscripts, which are going to submit for publication to Toyama Math. J., should be sent to the Managing Editor or anyone of the Editors listed above, by e-mail (a dvi file or a pdf file attached) or by mail (printed manuscripts).

April 1, 2018