Shigeru Taguchi , Professor, Ph.D.
Environmental Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Research interests:
1) Environmental assessment via chemical monitoring
    Development of novel methods for the determination of trace hazardous chemicals in environmental water is performed.  In my recent work, membrane enrichment technique was proposed for the determination of trace cationic surfactant in river water.  Water pollution due to cationic surfactant from domestic waste was investigated by this technique.
2) Photodegradation of chlorinated hydrocarbons in waste water
   Photodegradation of several chlorinated hydrocarbons in waste water is investigated under the UV radiation in the absence of DO.
 1) Aquatic chemistry
  [acid-base reaction, redox reaction, precipitation reaction, complex formation reaction]
 2) Environmental inorganic chemistry
  [characteristics of elements, inorganic reactions in the environment]
 3) Exercise of environmental chemistry
 [aquatic equilibrium]
 4) Introduction to environmental biology and chemistry II
  [environmental problems (air pollution, water pollution, food pollution)]
 5) Scientific English